Hello friends, Elmer De Luna Loredo here, a real estate investor, builder, appraiser, broker and mentor. I have more than 27 years of experienced as a real estate businessman with 13 years as No. 1 Broker of V. A. A. Builders Corporation and 14 years in the Top 3 spot of the same corporation. Prior to this, I am a faculty member of Adamson University Mechanical Engineering Department. I worked there for almost 8 years and studied Bachelor of Laws where I graduated with Academic Excellence Award. My engagement in the University is a great experience but in terms of monetary rewards, it is not that much. Since we will be having our first child then, that was 1989, we are very much aware that our income from employment will never be sufficient to finance our family. Hence, in 1990, we organized E. B. Loredo Realty Corporation, a real estate marketing firm. We do not have the capital to start the business. Our determination and dreams to put up our own business and free ourselves from the bondage of employment serves as the driving force, the motivation to excel in this endeavor. 27 years later, E. B. Loredo Realty Corporation and Anglo Asian Realty and Development Corporation, our flagship companies have been a by word in the real estate industry especially in the area of Las Pinas City. Our company is now engaged in appraisal, marketing, build and sell, construction and mentoring. Several clients that we have mentored in Buy – Build – Sell program is now making great in the business. We are helping people to have their business in the Real Estate Industry. “THE UNIVERSAL AND GLOBAL BUSINESS IN THE WORLD”. The safest and most secured investment vehicle in the world. Now, our company serves as the exclusive marketing broker of 3 builders in the south. To add another feather in our cap, we have been awarded as the “NO. 1 BROKER OF SECURITY BANK FOR THE YEAR 2015. Another milestone in the history of the company. Today, I am embarking on a New Journey to the future. With my partnership with the No. 1 Real Estate Marketing Company in the Philippines, I am looking forward to achieved another milestone in the history of the Company. My philosophy in life: “EMPOWER YOURSELF WITH KNOWLEDGE, EDUCATE YOURSELF CONTINOUSLY and NEVER STOP LEARNING, BECAUSE THE GREATEST INVESTMENT THAT HAVE TO DO IS INVEST IN YOURSELF, THIS WILL GIVE YOU THE GREATEST INTEREST IN LIFE.” The formula for success is this: EDUCATION IS PREPARATION PLANNING IS PREPARATION ACTION IS EXECUTION ACTION LEADS YOU TO SUCCESS THEREFORE THE FORMULA FOR SUCCESS


Elmer Loredo (Business Coach, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Motivational Speaker and an Entrepreneur)

Hello, I am Elmer Loredo, Business Coach, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Motivational Speaker and an Entrepreneur. I have been a College Instructor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, Adamson University for six (6) solid years. During the six (6) years of my teaching career, I pursued my first love of becoming a lawyer. I graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor of Laws degree from Adamson University receiving the Academic Excellence award.

During those years, I started to explore entrepreneurship to change our life because the salaries I am receiving is not enough to support a decent life especially if we will have children.

The journey begins in the year 1990. We started to put up E. B. Loredo Realty Corporation even without capital. Imagine, putting up a business without capital?

But if you want to learn “HOW WE WERE ABLE TO PUT UP OUR BUSINESS WITHOUT CAPITAL?”, then, you can subscribe to my articles, videos and even webinars for free.